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I don’t know if I have enough of a readership for anyone to notice, but nevertheless I apologize for Friday Links being late (yet again!). I had the day shift in ISS mission control this weekend so it has been hard knocking items off of the to do list. It felt great to be back in MCC though!

Below is just a small sampling of the space news and “the internets” I have been catching up on since my vacation. Some good stuff, anyway. Enjoy.

Down to Earth

Kennedy Space Center’s visitor center will again be offering public tours of the Launch Control Center for what is the first time in decades. Plan your trip now, but after Debby is done dumping water on Florida.


My view of Debby from the ISS ADCO console midday Sunday, June 24. Up is roughly East.

Some more astronauts have left NASA: Kenneth Ham (STS-132 commander) and Nicholas Patrick (STS-130 spacewalker). Also, Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk (veteran of Expedition 20/21) intends to leave his post as well.


Interestingly, only Patrick is in the latest poster so I only need to bring out the Sharpie for one of them

Not directly tied to spaceflight, but I thought this article was important.How Government Funding of Science Rewards US Taxpayers (via SciGuy)

In Orbit

Still there is Shenzhou 9, docked to Tiangong-1!

No longer there is the second US Air Force X-38B Orbital Test Vehicle.

Andre Kuipers on the ISS had a conference call with aquanauts of Neemo 16 while they were still underwater in Florida. Try explaining how that works to your grandmother.

How about some great photography from Andre Kuipers before he leaves this coming weekend:

The large magellanic cloud from ISS. Wow.

A beautiful lightning flash from ISS.

Or just some sunglint.

Kuipers comments frankly that he will never return to space.

And some recent blogs from Don Pettit to catch up on:

A stunning time lapse showing how the ISS can have periods where the sun never sets.

Some pictures of the souvenir the ISS crew left in the Dragon descent module.

Ever innovative, Don Pettit wears the ISS cupola like a turtleneck sweater in order to block stray light.

Pettit describes in frank terms how his time is spent as an ISS Flight Engineer.

Around the Solar System

Curiosity is getting awfully close to Mars.

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Out There

This NASA image of the day is one of my favorite astrophotos that I’ve ever seen.

Kepler discovers one of the most interesting planetary systems I’ve ever heard of.

Randall Munroe gives us every planet ever discovered in one illustration.

Because its Cool

Check out this blog I just discovered (thanks to @Twisst) called SatTrackCam. He imaged 30 satellites/objects in one exposure?!

A montage of the transit of Venus from inside the Arctic Circle in Norway.

June 24, 2012 10:00 pm

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  • Sarah says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only person at JSC crossing astronauts off the poster with a sharpie! 🙂 There are a couple more on that poster that are gone. Mike LA for one. Can’t remember the other right now.

    The new poster seems to only include those eligible to be assigned to a flight. There are several still with NASA but in mgmt positions, and they’re not on the poster.

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