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Down To Earth

Expedition 30 crew returned to Earth as planned last week. Andre Kuipers writes about his friends leaving. About 5 days after touchdown in Kazakhstan, Dan Burbank played a show with his band at a local bar here in Houston.

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Buzz Aldrin was on The Colbert Report to present an NSS award to Colbert.

Speaking of Apollo heroes, there’s a new series of interviews with Neil Armstrong being released in pieces. The first episode is up.

Job openings for commercial spaceflight in Mojave! Speaking of which, might Virgin Galactic actually start powered flights this year?

In Orbit

Still in space, Don Pettit has a great short essay about travelling by rocket.

Very thoughtful post on the competing options for future crewed flights to ISS.

Speaking of commercial crew, Boeing did a CST-100 drop test (really, still no better name?).

Today is the last day of the ISS Symposium in Berlin. Here’s a cool large-scale ATV model at the symposium.

SpaceX is not going to be launching the Dragon flight to ISS on the 7th as planned.

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Rather than be sad, enjoy this NASA video about how Dragon rendezvous works.

Perhaps the astronauts on ISS are getting a bit bored now that there’s only 3 of them?

Around the Solar System

Out at Saturn, Cassini had its last fly-by of the moons Enceladus and Dione before it goes to a new orbit. Check out the images that beamed back at Universe Today: Dione and Enceladus.

Because it’s Cool

Last weekend there was a bright fireball meteor over Eastern California. Meteorites from the fall have already been recovered!

Beautiful aurora.

Astronaut photos of Earth are often hard to tell apart from paintings.

May 4, 2012 6:00 am

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