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I have had a busy week at work which included two days of simulations and now I am working the evening swing shift in the Mission Control Center over the weekend. Thus, my ‘Friday Links’ post is coming out decidedly late. Many apologies! The good news is that there was lots of stuff going on in space related news this week so hopefully you will forgive me after reading! Better late than never.

Around the solar system

Opportunity settles down for her “long winter’s nap” on Cape York

While Opportunity naps, read this in-progress series of posts by Matt Lenda at “On the Outside, Looking In”. He writes about the first 100 Sols (Martian Days) that Opportunity spent at the edge of Endeavour crater. the first 3 of 8 posts are up as of Saturday evening. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The posts are long and detailed but Matt’s writing is very engaging. It’s worth a read even for the lay-person.

Comet Lovejoy plunges into the sun and re-emerges!

Down to Earth

Andrew Symes finally put up Part 3 of his MSL launch Tweetup story. It’s full of photos, videos, and raw emotion. A must read!

Paul Allen, Burt Rutan, and SpaceX announced their new venture Stratolaunch Systems to launch rockets from a huge airplane ( provides an interesting technical and economic analysis of the proposal)

Many photos from last weekend’s lunar eclipse: APOD, APOD, The Big Picture, Universe Today

And this montage at APOD really shows the scale of Earth’s shadow compared to the Moon! Awesome!

Possible data confirming Higgs Boson starts coming from Geneva

Space Shuttle Discovery was powered down for the last time

ESA launched their second Soyuz rocket from French Guinea

Boris Chertok, Sergei Korolev’s deputy during the height of the Soviet space program, passed away at 99

In Orbit

Don Pettit of Expedition 30 hasbeenblogging leading up to their launch this coming Wednesday

Phobos-Grunt re-entry predictions start to become more firm, looks like mid-January

ISS Commander Dan Burbank sends his holiday greetings (there’s a link there to send Christmas cards to ISS). I love how natural and candid Commander Burbank seems when he’s in front of the camera.

SpaceX Dragon mission to ISS is set for February 7th

Just because it’s cool

Last F-22 rolls off the line

Rainbow and waterspout

And lastly because I’m an unabashed geek…

December 18, 2011 1:18 am

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