Friday Links

This week’s links are picture heavy, but first up is an awesome astronomical event you don’t want to miss this weekend…

Lunar Eclipse tomorrow!

Chances are you can see at least some of it. Phil Plait helps you plan your viewing party.

Speaking of eclipses, check out the one you missed last week.

Down to Earth

Night sky over Croatia

A huge iceberg that’s been at sea for over 10 years

Stunning panorama of the Canberra tracking station – can you see them talking to Curiosity?

Andrew Symes of Canadian Astronomy writes about attending the MSL launch tweetup – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 not up yet

Around the Solar System

cassini gets another great shot of Saturn rings and moons

Mars rover Opportunity finds gypsum, proof of water on Mars

New Horizons probe now the closest spacecraft to Pluto

In Orbit

NASA announces official launch date for first SpaceX berthing mission to ISS

Things aren’t looking any better for Phobos-Grunt. ESA and RSA can’t seem to decide whether or not to stop trying to contact her

Just because its cool

F-35 and the Blue Angles C-130

December 9, 2011 12:13 pm

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